1969. First Flight of The Concorde


Date de sortie : 27 octobre 2018
Auteur : Jean-Marc Olivier
Code ISBN : 979-10-93498-33-1

10 x 17
48 pages


 On March 2, 1969, with André Turcat at the helm, Concorde took off from Toulouse-Blagnac airport. During the cold war, when Americans and Soviets were in fierce competition in the air and in space, Franco-British cooperation managed to impose its majestic supersonic. Although its technical prowess was unanimously hailed, and the “big bird” was admired throughout the world, the economic constraints lead this formidable adventure to commercial failure. Half a century after its take-off, Concorde no longer takes to the skies; however, it continues to make aviation enthusiasts dream and remains, for Toulouse residents, the symbol of the consecration of their city as the world capital of aeronautics.

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